* 1998 in  Germany
Based in Köln (DE)/ The Hague (NL)/ Stuttgart (DE)
2021 Photography Graduate at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

I am a socially engaged photographer with an interest in exploring interpersonal relationships, using photography as a tool for interaction. In my projects, I often take a performative approach, creating frameworks and environments where intense interpersonal encounters can take place.
I aim to tell individual stories that can be understood on a universal level, pushing my own boundaries and those of others by writing the script for that.




2023 Launch Party Softeis Magazine 90mil Berlin
2023 spotted_bremerhaven.x Bremerhaven Art Space Festival
2023 preisGEBEN xpon-art gallery Hamburg, DE 
2022 Lab 22 (group) Lab 22 The Hague, NL
2021 Steenbergen Stipendium (group) Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, NL
2021 On Your Own 5 (group) Haagse Kunstkring The Hague, NL
2021 Graduation show (group) Royal Academy of Art The Hague, NL
2020 Mothertongue (group) The Grey Space in The Middle The Hague, NL



2023 Softeis Magazine Issue 3: Loss

2021 Maskenfreiheit, designed by studio othertypes, edition of 10

2021 FRESHEYES 2021, catalogue, published by GUP Amsterdam, ISBN 9789083106212 

2021 Drunter&Drüber Magazin Issue 13: Angst

2020 Mädesüß, edition of 10


Grants & Awards

2022 STROOM PRO Kunstprojekten grant for The LetterNetwork

2021 Nomination Plat(t)form 2022

2021 GUP FreshEyes Talent

2021 Nomination Steenbergen Stipendium

2021 Nomination Photography Department Award KABK

2021 Nomination Bachelor Thesis Award KABK

2020 Shortlist Helsinki Photofestival



Deutsche Angstselbsthilfe e.V., Korzo Theater Den Haag, Softeis Magazine, Drunter & Drüber Magazin




Softeis Magazine Launch

Small exhibition and launch party of the latest issue of Softeis Magazine


Art Space Bremerhaven


There are 367 people in Bremerhaven looking for someone
We’ll try to find them guided by the posts we found on @spotted.bremerhaven_x
Come to @artspace_bremerhaven on 26 & 27 August to see if we managed

Exhibition with new, site specific work coming up, together with Siem Salaboem for the festival Art Space in Bremerhaven, Germany.

13.04.-14.05. 2023

Exhibition at xpon-art gallery in Hamburg


Maskenfreheit is exhibited in Hamburg as part of the thematic group show preisGEBEN.

participating artists:
Almut E. Broër, Anna Grahlmann, Anna Rose, Lilli Weinstein, Mathias Will, Rolf Naedler, Simone Fezer + Ele Runge, Timothy Barnes


The Letter Network


Together with Marco Verhoogt I received funding to realize our project “The Letter Network”.

The idea is to create a multimedia letter network across European borders. We invite artists and storytellers whose work can be framed by a mailable envelope to communicate with each other through analogue visual letter making. In this framework we hope to incite a discussion about both the European space as well as a reflection on digital communication methods. The exchanged stories will be collected and curated, resulting in a publication.

If you would like to participate, feel free to send a (visual) letter to one of our addresses. All information can be found on the poster below (design Rudi van Delden) and on instagram.